My name is Kate Schuetzenhofer. I’m a photographer and aspiring makeup artist in my early 20s. I’ve been taking photos for almost a decade and nothing makes me happier than growing and becoming more adept at the art. Almost all of my work is self-portraiture, a lot of which has deeply personal meaning. I appreciate a very dark, fantastical aesthetic, but not all of my images are that way. I aspire to broaden my horizons as an editorial or fashion photographer in the future.

My love affair with makeup artistry, however, is a new and exciting venture. I’m entirely self-taught, but am constantly seeking new knowledge of techniques and styles. I would love a career where both of my passions could be utilized.

I’m currently residing in the midwest and will happily respond to any messages sent my way regarding inquiries. My email is k.a.schuetzenhofer@gmail.com and you can find my social media accounts by simply searching kateschuetzphoto.